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Healthy, Fresh Foods Diets For Pets - As Nature Intended

In the wake of the terrible Menu Foods poisoned pet-food recall, there was a surge of interest in learning how to feed companion dog and cats real food, whether raw or cooked. Many people are interested in learning more about a home-prepared diet and how to do it for their pets, but feel confused by how to start and where to find materials. Many people also think that feeding a home-prepared diet must be excessively costly, messy, or time-consuming.

As part of our community outreach efforts, ARF Co-op began offering "how-to" classes beginning in the fall of 2007. We taught "Healthy, Home-Prepared Pet Diets" through UT Informal Classes in both the fall 2007 and spring 2008 semesters. We no longer teach through UT Informal Classes, but periodically offer the class privately for coop members and friends. We are also available to teach a full or abbreviated version for breed clubs, rescue groups, and shelters. Contact us us if you are interested in scheduling a presentation or class for your organization.

During the "Healthy, Home-Prepared Pet Diets" class, co-op members with many years of raw feeding and home-prepared diet experience will help you--the busy person on a budget--determine whether or not a home-prepared diet is right for you, and how to select one that suits your lifestyle and meets the needs of your family pets. We will review several different kinds of home-prepared diets (Billinghurst, Lonsdale, Volhard, and others) and discuss resources for further research. We will show you how to source affordable natural food for the dogs and cats in your household, debunking common myths and demonstrating an easy system of preparation, storage, and serving.

We also offer a quarterly "Calculations Class" for new and existing coop members who feed a Billinghurst-style raw diet and want to know how to source and calculate the correct ratio and amount of food for their pets using coop suppliers. This class is not a survey of raw diets, but specifically a working session where members use a custom spreadsheet to determine the monthly food needs and costs for their pets, determining what to order, how often, and how much.

Thank you again for speaking to our club last night. I think you got some people thinking about what they feed their dog. We enjoyed your presentation and think you all have a lot to share, keep up the great work.

Thank You Again,
Mark Daniel


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