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1. How do I join the co-op?
First, carefully read through the ARF Co-op Policies, which function as our by-laws. After you have familiarized yourself with the policies, if you feel that you can abide by them, submit a membership request to the co-op's mailing list, which is ARFCoop-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. NOTE THAT WE ADMIT NEW MEMBERS ONLY DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF EACH MONTH. If you submit a membership request after the first week of the month, you will be admitted during the following month.

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You will receive a subscription request questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire and return it, and then proceed with the rest of the membership steps.

2. What products are available? What do they cost?
We presently have hundreds of products that we order and we're constantly on the lookout for new products to add. We carry a full range of raw meaty bones, recreational bones, muscle meat, organ meat, and tripe from a variety of animals. We also carry some whole animals for people who prefer the whole-prey model of feeding. We carry a wide selection of convenient pre-made mixes, ground bones, and commercial raw foods as well. Costs on our meat products sometimes vary from month to month according to market rates, but we have a large number of items under $1.00 a lb. and a wide selection in the $1.00 to $3.00 per lb. range, including organic and grass-fed items. Staples such as all-natural chicken backs, necks, and frames are $.29/lb.

3. How do I order? How do I pay?
IMPORTANT: As soon as your membership request has been approved, enter your contact information into the member database in the Database section of our Yahoo! Group. You will not be able to place orders without this information on file.

Orders for individual suppliers open on a specific date according to the Ordering Calendar. You send your order to the order collector, who will announce the beginning of the ordering period on the coop's mailing list, or you will enter it in the supplier's online shopping cart if one is available. You will also need to send pre-payment to the designated person (usually the site host) via PayPal. Late orders and/or payments are NOT accepted. For more information on ordering, see our Policies page.

4. How do I get my order?
The delivery date and site host's location for every order we place is listed in the Ordering Calendar. On the delivery date, members go to pick up their food at the site host's location during the hours that the site host is open for distribution. This distribution time is always a minimum of two hours, and if food arrives early in the morning, there is usually a morning and an evening pick-up time offered.

5. What happens if I can't/don't come get my order on the day it is delivered?
If you know that you will be unable to make the actual or estimated delivery date for an order, pair up with someone else in the co-op to be your co-op buddy. Co-op buddies trade off/share pick-up duties with each other and save time and gas. We have members all over the Austin metropolitan area, so you should be able to find someone to assist you.

Running late, having previous social plans, or wanting to do something else on the evening of delivery is NOT a valid reason not to come get your food. If you have an absolute last-minute true emergency of a medical nature, have someone call the site host that day so we are aware of the problem.

7. I'm a supplier and I want to sell my product to the co-op. How do I do that?
Suppliers who are interested in selling to the co-op are not permitted to join the co-op's mailing list directly. If you are interested in selling your product to the co-op, please contact the coop's Board of Directors at board@arfcoop.org. We are always interested in learning about new suppliers, and we'll need to know basic information about your products, pricing by the pound or by the case, minimum ordering requirements, shipping costs, and delivery method to Austin.


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