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Pre-payment by PayPal is required for most orders. The coop's board of directors voted in 2009 to require PayPal to protect the coop's financial assets and to avoid the possibility of bounced checks. Ordering is done via Excel spreadsheets or online shopping carts depending on the vendor.

The coop's board of directors act as purchasing agents on the coop's behalf and collect money from members which they use to pay suppliers. Because of this and our status as an unincorporated, non-profit buyer's club, we must pay PayPal fees for every transaction, which include a flat fee of $.30 per order and 2.99% of the total order price. Members may not make direct "personal" payments to avoid fees.

We have clarified this distinction with the fraud department of PayPal itself, and the payment of these fees is non-negotiable. The coop and its board of directors make absolutely no money from these fees--they are charged to us by PayPal. If you are unwilling or uncomfortable with paying these fees, please do not request membership in the coop.

For some orders, shipping and discounts applied fluctuate depending on the size of the order. Refunds and/or additional payments will be conducted when the order arrives.


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