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ARF Co-op orders from a variety of local, state, and national suppliers on a monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly basis. (We are always looking for new suppliers as well.) Because we order together as a co-op and can meet large minimum-pound weight or total cost requirements from suppliers, we can purchase products at wholesale or discounted prices. We also save money on shipping this way--for some suppliers, shipping is free!

Because we have no storefront, overhead, or middleman, we pass our savings directly on to our members. There are no hidden or embedded charges in our ordering system.

How items are sold
Healthy, natural meat
What's available?
How much does it cost?

How items are sold

Many items we order (with the exception of a few suppliers, who offer by-the-pound pricing or smaller-sized items) are sold by the case. Cases vary in size from 10 pounds to 60 pounds depending on what the item is. Organs are usually sold in 10 pound cases, for example, whereas bones and muscle meat are usually sold in 40-60 pound cases. Having a dedicated freezer where you can store food makes participating in the co-op much easier! However, it is usually very easy to find someone in the co-op to split a case with you if you do not want an entire case.

Healthy, natural meats - both organic and human-grade

We are currently making regular orders from eight different suppliers. Four of these suppliers sell all-natural and/or wholly-organic meats. We try to purchase such healthy, humanely-farmed products whenever possible. However, cost is an issue for some members and organic meats do cost more.

We also make regular orders from other suppliers which are not strictly organic, but sell high-quality, human-grade food. (One of these suppliers is a major restaurant distributor, so we're buying the same food served on tables all over central Texas!) Buying from a variety of suppliers allows the co-op to offer healthy products for members with different budgets.

What's available?

Co-op members can regularly purchase an incredible variety of ground and whole muscle meats, tripe, organ meats, staple raw meaty bones, eggs, vegetable mixes, and recreational bones. (Some members order food for themselves from our suppliers, too.) In addition, we offer several brands of pre-made ground raw mixes for members who prefer the convenience of a pre-made mix, and a variety of whole animals for members who prefer the whole-prey model of feeding.

We order a wide variety of meats, including:

  • Whole chickens, chicken necks, backs, frames, wings, livers, gizzards, hearts, and leg quarters. Our chicken is all natural and staples such as backs, necks, and frames are $.29/lb.

  • Pastured, grass-fed beef organs, tripe, muscle meat, edible bones, and several kinds of recreational bones. A grass-fed ground blend of muscle meat, organs, and fat averages $1.54/lb.

  • Organic beef tripe with spleen

  • Bison

  • Whole rabbits, rabbit organs, muscle meat, and feet, as well as ground rabbits

  • Whole and ground quail

  • Natural goat organs, muscle meat, heads, and bones

  • Natural lamb organs, muscle meat, and bones

  • Organic and non-organic pork organs, muscle meat, and necks

  • Fish

  • Pre-made raw lamb, chicken, turkey, and beef bone/muscle meat mixes

  • Exotics such as emu, ostrich and kangaroo

Specific information on products and suppliers is available to members in the Files section of our Yahoo Group.

How much does it cost?

Because we can get such a large variety of products, as with a human diet, feeding a home-prepared diet to your pet can be as inexpensive or as costly as you would like to make it. Staples for raw feeders such as all-natural chicken necks, backs, and frames are $.29/lb.

We have many human-grade items under $1.00/lb. Human-grade muscle meat and pre-made ground bone/meat mixes run between $1-2.00/lb, and many of our ground and whole organic items are between $1.00-$3.00/lb.


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